Time Flies

It is hard to believe that it has nearly been 6 months since our last blog post. The days go by so quickly here on the ship. It feels like a lifetime has occurred in those few months.

I started sewing and even made a small business on the ship, selling items in our little shop on board. Sew fun! I am hoping to take some quilting courses on day.

Kaitlyn celebrated turning 9 with all of the ship kids on board! She had so much fun playing with them and watching Incredibles 2.

Brad has had a hectic couple of months in his department, having people leave early or cancel. At some points he was as many as 4 people short, which is half of his department.

We had an incredible Christmas season on the ship. It is one of my favorite things about this community living, it is almost magical. We enjoy all of the different activities and the celebrations that occur. My favorite being the carols by candle light on the dock, it is so special to come together as a whole and sing about our precious savior!

We all rang in the new year at midnight on deck 8, even Kaitlyn who is notorious for putting herself to bed long before the midnight hour even on nights she is allowed to stay up late. We prayed and received a couple of scriptures to hold onto in the upcoming year. It was a wonderful time!

I am not sure where January and February went! I am still struggling with the fact that it is March.
We are working on a blog from Kaitlyn, as she has had so many neat experiences she has to tell them herself!

We have received word that the Morgan family is officially returning to the states in August, as Brad's position will be phased out at the end of the field service. He has managed to do what MercyShips is striving for, He worked himself out of a job. I kid, apparently this is an ongoing thing where his job comes and goes.

I simply can not put into words how grateful I am for this experience and opportunity to have shared with my family. Our girls have experienced a life time of events in these two short years. The people we have met that have affected us and loved us will forever be honorary members of the Morgan family all over the globe.

We have loved deeply and fully and are better because of it. Now our prayer is that we spend the next 150 days loving people and making memories that we can carry for a lifetime.  We will keep you updated on our travel plans and what is next for us!

Until next time,


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