Jean Babbitt and Dr. Brian Barki
 When God answers prayers, it is such a wonderful feeling. Sometimes it is the simplest of prayers too. I had been feeling really homesick, I mean counting down the days until we return in July homesick. I hadn't been leaving my cabin much between work and community meetings. I think I was starting to allow myself to become stuck.

I had a day where I prayed "God, this isn't why I am here. I didn't come here to hide within these walls. Help me get out of myself and into YOU and YOUR mission here!" Well I wish I could tell you right away I felt renewed and refreshed and like I was right back to my old-self, but that wouldn't be the truth.

The PACU coordinator had asked me if I could work all day to allow for the new nurses coming in to be trained and have a nurse that works in the PACU that works there regularly, and of course I said yes. The new group came in and instantly we hit it off. There were three sweet ladies, two were from the U.S. and one from Canada. One of the ladies, named Jean, is a nurse practitioner and after chatting for a little bit we discovered we live about 40 minutes from each other and worked at the SAME hospital (in different areas of course).

We discovered we had so much in common and truly enjoyed each others company. I looked forward to the days when she would be in early with me. I loved hearing about her family, and her pups. She offered to precept me if I ever want to go to be a nurse practitioner one day (though I don't see myself ever working in adults again).

We quickly became fast friends, and started making plans to connect this summer when I return home. She is putting in a pool at her house, so I see myself hanging out in her pool (I can NOT wait) and seeing her beautiful 11 acre property. I look forward to her coming to my home and introducing her to some of the amish in our area, as her family wants to learn to live off their land and who better to get advice from! I invited the group of nurses to come into my cabin and have cookies (if you know me, you know that is a difficult thing for me) but we all had a great time, chatting and laughing.

I went on to host open cabin, where I allowed 100 or more strangers to come into our cabin and share dessert with our family, because these ladies inspired me to stretch and come out of my shell. It is so important to make connections and be available because you never know when the Lord will bring people through your path to bless you and if you are closed off and guarded you will miss out!
Jean I am looking forward to spending time with you this summer! I will bring the wine, you cook the beef!


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