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As we have finished the Christmas season, there are definitely a lot of feelings swirling around our cabin. The ship is swirling with holiday spirit. There are trees and decorations everywhere you turn. The gangway is so inviting and festive at this time. It is so unique to see all the different cultures traditions and how each person celebrates the birth of our savior.

I cling to reason for the season during this first season away from everything that would be our "normal". I see that our traditions had maybe even become some what mundane, just going through the motions because it was "that time of the year". I am grateful for the daily reminders of why we are actually celebrating.

I have moments where I long for home. For the cold that is associated with our region and this time of the year. I can't believe this is going to come from my fingers, but even the possibility of snow. I always say I love to look at snow through the windows. As it is 84-95 degrees Fahrenheit (I had to do math in order to tell you that, you are welcome as everything is Celsius here). So for those of us that associate Christmas with cold, it is hard to "feel" like my favorite holiday is truly and rapidly might I add approaching. Those are the moments when I miss home, and notice the difference of being on the ship.

However, being on the ship is such an amazing opportunity and is a great place to be reminded each day of Jesus. I have made a wonderful Christmas playlist and we have decorated our cabin.

 I was even able to share our Morgan tradition of cinnamon ornaments with the crew members on the ship. One of my favorite patients even made a surprise appearance and made his own ornament! Such a special moment.
The days swirl by so quickly, and it seems christmas came and went in a blink of an eye.
The girls had an amazing christmas and were so grateful for all of the gifts that people took the time to send to them. It is so special to see how much people think of you!

As we head into the new year, we are reflecting on all the Lord has done for us. We are claiming victory for the year of 2018 and are eager to see all the mountains that are moved for His name sake.


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