Another word from Kaitlyn:
 I asked her "Ladybug, what do you want to talk about?"
  Well, I want to talk about meeting Ben when we first came here, he didn't even know I existed.

"Is Ben your bestfriend?"

"What makes him your bestfriend?"
He is in my grade, and he is funny. That's all I can think of. 

"What makes him funny and silly?"
I don't know. Ben better not read this. He makes funny faces. He makes me laugh. He makes funny faces.

 She starts to cover my eyes because she thinks it is amazing that I can type without looking.
It IS amazing to type without looking mom. 

She starts pushing me on the arm saying
no, no, no
I am writing this on the computer connected to our TV so she can see everything I type.

"What do you actually want to talk about?"

"What about grandma?"
When she came I slept on the floor, can we talk about the time I slept on the floor. Maybe I will sleep better if I sleep on the floor. Aaaahhhh(as she rolls around on the floor screeching)

"what else do you want to tell people back home?"
I want to go to bed. Nooooo I don't want to go to bed. Mommy stop! I don't want you to tell people I want to go to bed, erase the whole line.

She storms into her room, and then comes back.
 "Come back ladybug, what do you really want to tell people?"
I really absolutely positively don't want to write this. Mommy, please don't write that, stop

"Well tell me what you want to tell people"
When we go back home I want to go to Big slash adventure. That's it.

"what else do you want to do when you get home"
I want to have a sleep over at Beth and Dom's and Scott and Terrie's house. And go to Florida and California, and go to Paris. And Brazil, and Antartica for a day. Well maybe not Antartica because we wouldn't survive.

"Wow, ladybug you want to travel all over the world"

"Do you want to extend and stay for more than 2 years?"
Yeah, no, yeah, no,no , yeah. 

"what is the real answer"

"why do you want to stay?"
Because I have friends and I want to be waiting on Ben when he gets back.
I want to move cabins.

"why would you want to go home instead of stay"
Because of Jake and Bailey and Sugar that I love so so much. And I have my own room, and I love my bed so much. We have a basement that is huge. We have a backyard and a front yard with a tree we love to climb. I could see my grandma a lot more.

"what are some good things about being here"
i wish you would have asked the bad things, those are sharing a room with my SISTER! She bugs me all the time when I am trying to sleep. Like last night I was almost asleep and she said "Kaitlyn stop" and I wasn't even doing anything.

"okay now can you tell me some good things about being here"
I can go out to midships and play like it is my back yard
We are here to help people

She then gets up and and runs to the fridge for a drink. Runs up to her dad with a wooden ladybug on a stick that our friend Jodie gave us and hits her dad with it saying
bipiddy bopiddy boo!

I think it is safe to say that our time writing a blog is over. Short and sweet!


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