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Another word from Kaitlyn:
 I asked her "Ladybug, what do you want to talk about?"
Well, I want to talk about meeting Ben when we first came here, he didn't even know I existed.

"Is Ben your bestfriend?"

"What makes him your bestfriend?"
He is in my grade, and he is funny. That's all I can think of. 

"What makes him funny and silly?"
I don't know. Ben better not read this. He makes funny faces. He makes me laugh. He makes funny faces.

 She starts to cover my eyes because she thinks it is amazing that I can type without looking.
It IS amazing to type without looking mom. 

She starts pushing me on the arm saying
no, no, no
I am writing this on the computer connected to our TV so she can see everything I type.

"What do you actually want to talk about?"

"What about grandma?"
When she came I slept on the floor, can we talk about the time I slept on the floor. Maybe I will sleep better if I sleep on the floor. Aa…
As we have finished the Christmas season, there are definitely a lot of feelings swirling around our cabin. The ship is swirling with holiday spirit. There are trees and decorations everywhere you turn. The gangway is so inviting and festive at this time. It is so unique to see all the different cultures traditions and how each person celebrates the birth of our savior.

I cling to reason for the season during this first season away from everything that would be our "normal". I see that our traditions had maybe even become some what mundane, just going through the motions because it was "that time of the year". I am grateful for the daily reminders of why we are actually celebrating.

I have moments where I long for home. For the cold that is associated with our region and this time of the year. I can't believe this is going to come from my fingers, but even the possibility of snow. I always say I love to look at snow through the windows. As it is 84-95 degrees …