A day in the life of a PCG and PACU nurse

I think this would be more humerous if Brad was asking me questions and typing what I said, but we will just have to do with my version. And maybe it will be uncensored and unedited.

Last week I had one of the best days since we arrived, and it looked like this.

0630 first alarm goes, and Brad gets up to get his phone and hits snooze and climbs back into bed to snuggle for the next 15 minutes.

0645 second alarm goes off and He gets up to go wake the girls, and I roll over and take claim of the whole bed under the blankets.

0649 Brad climbs back into bed, making me move over to give him room.

0651 Yelling begins to occur about 20 feet away "STOOOOOOPPPPPP IT!" "That's mine" " Kaitlyn You NEED to....." "Jocelyn you better......" and the most beloved ones in our house "I"M TELLING!!!!!" "MOOOOOOM!"

0653 I threaten the girls with bodily harm, as it is still quiet hours on the ship! More importantly I haven't had a cup of coffee yet, and you won't like me when I haven't had coffee.

0700 Girls are both dressed and want breakfast. Neither of them can agree on what they want, and I can't be bothered to make different things for them, so CEREAL to the rescue.

0705 I am back in bed with the covers over my head and Brad is up to begin his morning routine, which may lead to one child bursting in my room "mom I have to go to the public bathroom. Right now!!!!! I am not going to make it" As she struggles to put her shoes so she can leave the cabin to go to the bathroom. We run down the hall to the public bathroom ( in cases like these it feels like it is so far away) Good news, she made it!!!!

0711 I climb back into bed determined that I am going to go back to sleep

0715 child comes into my room "Mom, where is my assignment folder? Did you sign it?" Of course I didn't because it never came out of the backpack for me to sign until just now, but I don't say that. I sign the folder with one eye open.

0719 same child comes in "Mom, what is my snack for today?" When I tell her she whines " I don't want oranges I want....(some form of junk food, probably a cookie) and juice" I say no, oranges or nothing. Child says "Fine I won't take a snack!" I am tempted to email her teacher that she won't have a snack because of her stubborness not my poor parenting, but that would require me getting up and I am NOT leaving this bed for ANY REASON!!!

0725 Child yells from 20 feet away again (which is their bedroom) "Mom tell sissy to stop......." My ears stopped listening at "MOM" and the rest sounded like the adults on Charlie Brown.

0726 THAT IS IT, I am getting up. But I am NOT going to the dining room to get coffee!!!!

0728 I am putting my shoes on to go get coffee, I said no one would like me if I haven't had coffee.

0730 I make Brad and I a coffee.

0732 the girls come and snuggle me on the couch, this was worth getting up for!

0750 the girls head off to school. The one child still being stubborn and refusing her snack. I send them out the door with a kiss and my famous saying of "make good decisions"

0755 I send Brad out the door with a kiss "Have a great day honey!"

0756 I look at the dishes in the sink and............ You guessed it. I climb back into bed.

0825 my alarm goes off and it is time for me to get up and get ready for work. I head to the shower.

0828 Finish showering (because 2 minute showers on the ship!!!!!!!!!!) Spend the next 5 minutes trying to figure out where I put my scrubs!

0835 find my scrubs on the "dresser" under Brad's shirt.

0910 I head down to the cafe for a REAL coffee. There is nothing better than paying $1.25 for a latte!

0915 I arrive at work, and find out what the schedule for the day is. THREE cleft lip babies! The angels were singing!

0917 I call Brad to let him know I will be working all day. Ask him to please get lunch for the girls!

The rest of the day went by in a blur, I had three precious angels that I took care of and with each one my heart become a little more full! With each patient my gift for infants and children is more and more evident. It is such a blessing to be able to pick up a scared and hurting baby and just my embrace was enough to calm them enough until I could get family to their side.
Each babe I have mom climb into the bed and I position the baby on their chest trying to get the baby as close to momma's heartbeat as possible. Each baby settles and then you see the mom settle along with them. On mom starts crying, and when I ask her what is wrong (through a translator) she begins to tell me how her son will be beautiful now, and be able to one day have a wife. She thanks me over and over and says "God will bless you, and the Mercyship!! Thank you Mercy ship"
I tell her her son was already beautiful, she agrees but then tells me how in her village other didn't think so. You see, in their culture many people have old beliefs passed down from generation to generation the genetic anomalies are a sign of a curse, or they happen as a result of punishment for something the parents did wrong.
I encourage her that she did nothing wrong, but I know I can't change generations worth of beliefs. The mom calls the translator over and begins to tell her something with tears running down her face. I notice even the translator starts to tear up and she turns to tell me " She says she always thought that there was a God. She even cried out to him when her baby (who is 6 months old) was born but struggled with wondering if God heard her cries. She went to two hospitals and was quoted a price that she would NEVER IN HER LIFE be able to save up, which they wanted in advance in order to perform the operation to fix the cleft lip. Her brother heard about this ship coming to help people like her son. She rode on a bike and then a bus for 4 days to get to the ship. After meeting all of the people on the ship and seeing how they love her son, she can say for SURE she knows that there is a God. She also says she knows now that this God does hear her cries, as her son is now done with this operation"
If you are wondering if I cried, of course I did.
The last case of the day was a tiny baby, that has been on the ship for a month working on gaining weight. Everyone knew her and was waiting for her surgery to see how she did. I was blessed with the honor of carrying her from the OR to the PACU, where I was able to hold her until her mother came. The ward she had been on called to ask "when are you bringing her back, we want to see her!"
When we arrived to the ward after the Dr signed her out, she received a standing ovation. There is a patient in that ward that has had multiple surgeries, and should be miserable in pain yet even he was standing to welcome in this little nugget who had been on everyone's mind all morning. My heart was ready to burst.

2005 I arrive back to the cabin to find my whole family was at the community meeting. I head to the international loung where the meeting is occuring, to find my oldest daughter on a "panel" with the senior chaplain answering questions about a bible story that was told. She gave such incredible answers that I ended up being that mom that was weeping in the front row! So proud of the young woman she is growing up to be!

2030 ICECREAM TIME! Jocelyn was like a little celebrity (her words) as people told her "way to go" "good job" and "you were so brave"

2100 the girls are tucked into bed, and Brad and I snuggle up on the couch.

This was literally one of the best days since being here! I went to bed that night Thanking Jesus for the amazing gift of this place and I am so humbled and honored to be able to serve here!


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