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A day in the life of a PCG and PACU nurse

I think this would be more humerous if Brad was asking me questions and typing what I said, but we will just have to do with my version. And maybe it will be uncensored and unedited.

Last week I had one of the best days since we arrived, and it looked like this.

0630 first alarm goes, and Brad gets up to get his phone and hits snooze and climbs back into bed to snuggle for the next 15 minutes.

0645 second alarm goes off and He gets up to go wake the girls, and I roll over and take claim of the whole bed under the blankets.

0649 Brad climbs back into bed, making me move over to give him room.

0651 Yelling begins to occur about 20 feet away "STOOOOOOPPPPPP IT!" "That's mine" " Kaitlyn You NEED to....." "Jocelyn you better......" and the most beloved ones in our house "I"M TELLING!!!!!" "MOOOOOOM!"

0653 I threaten the girls with bodi…

Disclaimer: I am again going to attempt to write this blog exactly as he says it to me, so that it can be his and his alone. 
"You are going to write a blog." I am. What? Yes? what, why are you looking at me? I don't think so. Nobody wants to hear what I have to say.  (He then goes on to say some really ridiculous things about how I had an accident, just to see if I would type them.)
"Tell me about what a day looks like for the Hotel services manager"
Well we, by we I mean the regular crew and the day crew and myself meet in the laundry room every morning at 8 am for our daily devotionals. There is a jimbai (wooden hand drum) played by a day crew member, and singing. Not to brag, but it is probably the best devotions on the ship. 
After devotion, we have a departmental debriefing of what we need to do for the day. Our head housekeeper gives out housekeeping assignments and job lists of …