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Disclaimer: I am going to do my best not to edit this blog, as I clearly have some of the other ones. I am going to type the exact words. EXACTLY as she says them to me, and let this be hers and hers alone~ Lindsay

Mom, you keep asking me to blog, I already did one. Why do we have to do another one?

"Because people back home want to know what you are doing, and how you are liking the ship so far."

I am doing nothing, I am home sick. I can do NOTHING when I am home sick. I can't even eat the piece of candy my whole class brought me. ( Her whole class is one other student).

"Ladybug, what has been your favorite thing about being here so far?"

Mom! (she sighs, I probably would have better luck if she weren't home sick. But right now she is a captive audience). I had fun that time I got to be a doctor remember. Daddy helped me do surgery on the wood. I also got to dress up like a surgery doctor. That was so cool.

I really like going to the wards. I liked meeting the kids that were my age. The little girl you took care of in the Pacub (she means Post anesthesia unit aka PACU). What was her name again?

"We can't put that in the blog remember, we have to keep patients confidential"

What does confidential mean?

"Well it means, they have a right to privacy, and we don't get to decide if they should be put on the internet blah blah blah blah........"  (which is about what she heard I am sure)

"so what do you like about going to the wards?"

Well, ( she thinks for so long I thought she fell asleep) I like hearing the kids laugh. Sometimes they are sad when we get there but then they laugh and that makes me happy. I also like when I got my nails painted by the patient, she did a good job!

Mommy when I grow up I want to take care of people and make them better, just like Dr Gary Parker and Mr Barki.

"Ladybug, I believe that the Lord has great things in store for you. I am always reminded of Ephesians 2:10 when I look at you girls. You are Christ's workmanship, created to good works, which he prepared in advance for you to do.  That means your very special job is already out there for you. You just have to follow the Lord and work hard and you will do AMAZING things for the kingdom of God."

I love you mommy. (HEART MELTS)

This little girl reminds me daily that it isn't about me! That I need to be mindful of what I say and do, as I have eyes on me, and God has trusted me with two amazing little ladies for some reason unbeknownst to me. I want to enter into the heavenly gates and hear that I did a remarkable job caring for His sheep that was entrusted to me on this earth! They teach me how to interact with the patients in the wards and on the dock. They teach me how to extend grace daily, and forgive often as they do me. These children are the best teachers I have ever had!


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