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Disclaimer: I am going to do my best not to edit this blog, as I clearly have some of the other ones. I am going to type the exact words. EXACTLY as she says them to me, and let this be hers and hers alone~ Lindsay

Mom, you keep asking me to blog, I already did one. Why do we have to do another one?

"Because people back home want to know what you are doing, and how you are liking the ship so far."

I am doing nothing, I am home sick. I can do NOTHING when I am home sick. I can't even eat the piece of candy my whole class brought me. ( Her whole class is one other student).

"Ladybug, what has been your favorite thing about being here so far?"

Mom! (she sighs, I probably would have better luck if she weren't home sick. But right now she is a captive audience). I had fun that time I got to be a doctor remember. Daddy helped me do surgery on the wood. I also got to dress up like a surgery doctor.…