Jocelyn's Trip to the Hope Center

Yay! We have arrived. Where have we arrived? Well my family has made it to Cameroon, Africa after what my mom would make sound like the longest 12 days of her life ( don't tell her but everyone else says it was the smoothest sail ever, I guess she is not a sailor).

We started in the academy during the sail, that has been awesome. I actually get to participate in games with other students, so that is awesome. I was home-schooled last year, and the schooling my parents used had videos where I would watch a class room of children play a game, but they were rude and always ignored me. Also I enjoy not spending ALL of my time with my mom and dad, that is nice.

Wait until you hear about my first time out in the country of Cameroon! We went to this super amazing place called the HOPE center, which my mom said stands for something but I can't remember what she said it means. My mom said Mercy ships loves those things called acronyms, where they use letters instead of words, and sometimes the letters form words (like HOPE) so I will try to find her to have her tell me again what it means.

There were so many people at the hope center, it had to be scary for the patients. There were so many beautiful people there, my mom said just start with a smile and say "hello" and "Remember their heart is probably pounding in their chest with nervousness just like you, we are here just to pour out love on them and that starts with looking each person in the eye and letting them know we see them".

I started walking around after the church service (I was so excited we had 20 minutes to stay before their lunch time) and stared giving kids high fives. That is where I met Joyce. I had given her at least three, and then noticed her sitting alone. So I told my self, this is it I get to use the french I have been practicing. So I said with pride "Je M'appelle Jocelyn" and the she said My name is Joyce and I speak English and then we giggled together. I had made a connection.

After a few minutes I found my mom sitting with a girl who called herself "Ang". My mom was trying to do signs and was making the children laugh just by being silly. We couldn't take any pictures while we were there with them, but we have some of what my dad calls the "most top notch" photographers" here who have shared some pictures of Ang. Thanks Shawn for taking such a great picture of such a sweet young girl.

After we left the HOPE center we went to eat lunch at a La pizzeria. It was very fancy. We had a cheese pizza and it was delicious. Then we went to the most fancy place I have ever been to in my whole life, seriously, and had ice cream. I had bubble gum and banana milkshake flavored ice cream and it was so yummy! It felt like we were in Paris or some were like that, keep asking to go back! Last we went to the team house, this is where the people who work at the HOPE center live, it looked like a mansion. Tim( Kaitlyn and I call him uncle Tim) gave us the grand tour. It was very nice.

There you have it. My first time out, in Africa. 


  1. Sounds amazingly fun!!!!! You'll make tons of friends in no time!

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  3. Thank you for sharing your story. We grow from your experience. So glad you had a great day. Uncle John and Aunt Fran

  4. I love reading your blogs! And I'm so glad you and you family get to experience this! Keep enjoying yourself and spreading love ❤

  5. So awesome Jocelyn! Enjoyed every word.

  6. What am awesome blog Jocey!!! Thanks for sharing!! Grandma will call you soon, my love!!!
    I love you all more than i could put into words..


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