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Jocelyn's Trip to the Hope Center

Yay! We have arrived. Where have we arrived? Well my family has made it to Cameroon, Africa after what my mom would make sound like the longest 12 days of her life ( don't tell her but everyone else says it was the smoothest sail ever, I guess she is not a sailor).

We started in the academy during the sail, that has been awesome. I actually get to participate in games with other students, so that is awesome. I was home-schooled last year, and the schooling my parents used had videos where I would watch a class room of children play a game, but they were rude and always ignored me. Also I enjoy not spending ALL of my time with my mom and dad, that is nice.

Wait until you hear about my first time out in the country of Cameroon! We went to this super amazing place called the HOPE center, which my mom said stands for something but I can't remember what she said it means. My mom said Mercy ships loves those …