What a wonderful experience

Today we had the wonderful privilege of attending church at the Mercy Ship's Hope Center. I wish that we were permitted to take pictures while we are there, but we are not allowed. We did how ever get a couple snapshot on our way to the center.

 I must admit even for me as a nurse it almost literally took my breath away as i watched a Young man "walk" past me on the calves of his legs, using sticks as crutches as his legs were so bents at the knees it almost made an L shape. Even typing these words will never allow anyone reading this to truly be able to understand the depths of the hurting these beautiful people were experiencing unless you stood across from them and happened to catch there timid eyes for a second.

All of us African and Mercy ship guest filed in to sit on a bench under a tent out in the outdoor area of the compound or facility that is being used, and so many people came to worship that more and more benches had to be added. I will never forget the look in my sweet Kaitlyn's eyes when she saw the extent of some of the patient's conditions. She has asked questions before trying to wrap her precious and innocent mind around what we might see, but again nothing prepares you for real life experiences like these. The sadness in her eyes when she saw the struggle it was for some of the people just to walk out to sit with us, broke my heart. She expressed to me over and over how scared she was to talk to them, mostly because we don't speak french but also because well I mean look at them. I just hugged her tight and said just say "hello" and smile! Look them in the eyes, let them know you see them.

Now miss Jocelyn kept saying "momma, I am not even scared on bit". All the while my heart is pounding out of my chest! I would pat her on the back and encourage her to listen to the sermon. It was about Jesus saying allowing all the children to come to him, and about how we should
pray for one another. This really almost made me weep, as I looked around at all of the children under this tent, and oh how I want each and every single one of them to know the love of Jesus!

After the service was over we had a little time to interact with the patient's, and here is where my momma bear heart almost burst! I meant it felt like it literally could leap out of my chest with joy and pride for my girls. They both went and said hello to the patient's and introduced themselves to each person they came in contact with. We got to watch Kaitlyn get more and more bold when going from person to person. It was just an amazing moment for me to turn around from talking to a young lady named Ang, and see my two girls taking an interest in people. Jocelyn really wanted to know as much as she could about each person, it was so special to watch her ask questions and try to talk to as many people as she could.

Thank you again to all who help make this possible for us. It isn't too late for you to get involved. If you are interested in how you can help us, you can do so at the following link, we simply can not do this alone!!!



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