A word from Kaitlyn on her time so far

I went on my very first airplane to get to the ISC. I sat by the window but all I could see was the engine. We sat all the way at the back of the plane.

At the ISC we went on many field trips, my favorite was the water park. I liked the water slides. I was big enough to ride them, it was fun. The best part was when we got back my grandma and Kevin were standing in the parking lot. I ran to them and hugged them! It was like a vacation. The class went on a field trip to the zoo, but I didn't get to go because I was sick, so my grandma took me, and I got to pick out 3 magnets for my wall on the ship in my room. I love my magnets. I saw a white tiger and a cheetah, they were beautiful.

Outside of our house I saw a bunny almost every day, I wanted to pet that bunny really bad! I also saw a hummingbird, it made me think of home.

Once we got to the ship my favorite part was meeting up with my friends again.

Sometimes I build a fort in our living room and play just like we were back in Indiana. Sometimes I miss home, my mommy says that is normal. But I get to do things that remind me of home, and I have pictures of all the people I love on the blanket mommy and daddy made, so when I miss them I can cover up with them and it is like a big hug.


  1. You are having some great experiences Kaitlyn!!! Before you know it you will be back home and miss being out traveling!!!


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