A word from Jocelyn on her time so far

At the ISC (International Support Center) in Texas, I learned so much. I traveled so many places.I met people from eight different countries! It has been so fun to hear all of the different accents, and learn all of the different names, and even try to learn a word or two in a different language.

My Grandma Tracy and cousin Keith came all the way to visit. She brought me a doll I wanted more than anything! I was so happy to see her, but then I started to not feel well, so we weren't able to spend much time with her. But we were so happy she came all that way to visit us, we couldn't believe it when she came in our room.

 I went to a wild life museum ( or what we called the dead zoo, and by dead zoo I mean a museum of stuffed dead animals on display). We also went to a real zoo, where I got to feed a real life giraffe, though I was very sad because my sister was very sick with strep throat and could not go on the field trip. I missed her so much, and I had the class make her a get well soon card and all the kids signed their names.

We went to a water park, and this was my favorite, until I lost my glasses, but several of the people on the field trip came together and helped me not panic and find them. This was an answered prayer. I was able to go down many water slides ( well the same ones over and over again). When our bus pulled into the parking lot, I saw my mamo Charlotte, and my cousin Kevin, I dropped my bag a ran across the lot to see them. We were so happy they were there! That weekend went by so fast, and it was time to board the planes before we knew it.

We flew on three planes. From Dallas to Chicago, that was a short plane, it had a tv on it but all it played was Hollywood game night, but you could change the channel to music. They gave us earbuds that plugged into the armrest, you hit the channel button to make your selections between show or music. We missed our flight to Madrid, so we had to hang out at the airport for hours before that flight. My mom packed a lot of IPADS and going through the machines was a lot of work and it made my daddy mad, but once it was all done, he wasn't mad anymore.

Once we finally got on the plane this plane was nice, but they spoke a lot of Spanish, my mom was silly and would move her lips like she was talking Spanish when they were doing announcements and it would make me laugh. It had a tv in the back of the seat and there were lots of movies to chose from to watch, and you could change them to English so I could understand them. They fed us dinner ( I didn't like it much) and breakfast ( at least that is what my mom said it was supposed to be) but hey as we learned at the ISC "it's not wrong, it's just different".

It didn't sleep much on the plane to Madrid, but to Las Palmas, I was so tired, I fell right to sleep and slept the whole time me and my sister snuggled. The first night here, after our meetings we were so glad to have a bed to sleep in, we went right to bed. It has been fun, but I am excited for the sail to Africa. I hope I see some whales.


  1. I've always wanted to see a whale!!! When I got married that's all I wanted and I still have yet to see one! So if you do, take some pictures for me!!!


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