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What a wonderful experience

Today we had the wonderful privilege of attending church at the Mercy Ship's Hope Center. I wish that we were permitted to take pictures while we are there, but we are not allowed. We did how ever get a couple snapshot on our way to the center.

 I must admit even for me as a nurse it almost literally took my breath away as i watched a Young man "walk" past me on the calves of his legs, using sticks as crutches as his legs were so bents at the knees it almost made an L shape. Even typing these words will never allow anyone reading this to truly be able to understand the depths of the hurting these beautiful people were experiencing unless you stood across from them and happened to catch there timid eyes for a second.

All of us African and Mercy ship guest filed in to sit on a bench under a tent out in the outdoor area of the compound or facility that is being used, and so many people came to w…

A word from Kaitlyn on her time so far

I went on my very first airplane to get to the ISC. I sat by the window but all I could see was the engine. We sat all the way at the back of the plane.

At the ISC we went on many field trips, my favorite was the water park. I liked the water slides. I was big enough to ride them, it was fun. The best part was when we got back my grandma and Kevin were standing in the parking lot. I ran to them and hugged them! It was like a vacation. The class went on a field trip to the zoo, but I didn't get to go because I was sick, so my grandma took me, and I got to pick out 3 magnets for my wall on the ship in my room. I love my magnets. I saw a white tiger and a cheetah, they were beautiful.

Outside of our house I saw a bunny almost every day, I wanted to pet that bunny really bad! I also saw a hummingbird, it made me think of home.

Once we got to the ship my favorite part was meeting up with my friends again.

Sometimes I build a fort in our living room and play just like we were back in In…

A word from Jocelyn on her time so far

At the ISC (International Support Center) in Texas, I learned so much. I traveled so many places.I met people from eight different countries! It has been so fun to hear all of the different accents, and learn all of the different names, and even try to learn a word or two in a different language.

My Grandma Tracy and cousin Keith came all the way to visit. She brought me a doll I wanted more than anything! I was so happy to see her, but then I started to not feel well, so we weren't able to spend much time with her. But we were so happy she came all that way to visit us, we couldn't believe it when she came in our room.

 I went to a wild life museum ( or what we called the dead zoo, and by dead zoo I mean a museum of stuffed dead animals on display). We also went to a real zoo, where I got to feed a real life giraffe, though I was very sad because my sister was very sick with strep throat and could not go on the field trip. I missed her so much, and I had the class make her a …