We successfully survived our first two weeks here at the campus. I wish I could say they were without any trials and all was smooth sailing, but that would not be the truth. However, the truth is the hiccups have been a teaching points for us, and we have had much more fun and many more highs than lows. There have been many learning opportunities for me as a mom, as the girls and I were on "vacation" the first week, while Brad was completing Basic training. I had to navigate this huge campus with the girls which is a job in itself, and let's face it, Brad is much better at directions and remembering where things are than I am. All of that was while we were missing a duffle bag, which was delayed via the airport (it never left Indiana). It was Jocelyn's bag, and it contained many of her much wanted and NEEDED items, such as her bathing suit. So, the lucky girl would get a new one.

I can't speak for Brad, but his first week was a pretty non-stop and full week. He would have to be up and reporting there at 7:30 and not be done until dinner, most days. The last day, the day of their water training he didn't get back to the campus until almost 8pm. He says it was a difficult and very eye opening and an all around humbling experience. Thank you to all of the brave men and women who so boldly put their lives on the line daily, to protect others from fires, God Bless you!

 The girls were so excited to go and watch Brad go and do his fire training the morning of . We even beat him to the site. Once they arrived, we were able to snap a few pictures before they got started (and they kicked me out of the gated area for safety reasons).

Kaitlyn is making friends! All the way from the Netherlands.
The girls got to meet the victim "Chuck" up close. Jocelyn said "his arm is so heavy" after getting to lift it up.

We were so blessed to have had the time to get to watch Brad Complete the beginning portion of his fire training. Due to safety precautions and insurance regulations, we were not able to watch him during his water training day, but we were able to obtain so photos taken during the training.

The next obstacle we faced was Kaitlyn being sick. She went back and forth for a few days, waking up vomiting, and complaining of "tummy-aches" (never once did she spike a fever). Due to her picky eating habits and lack of eating I thought we were experiencing episodes of low blood sugar. After 4 incidents of this, Brad put his foot down (in a loving way of course) and said after she vomited on our bed, it is time to take her to the nearest urgent care facility. One of the so gracious staff members said yes to taking us (because we have no car) and would you believe she had STREP THROAT!!!!!!
When we finally arrived back to the campus, my mother and cousin had just pulled in town. They have made the 12 hour drive from Indiana to visit, and you guessed it, my kiddos are sick!

Long story short we end up back in the urgent care the next day, with the other child, for you bet, strep throat!After antibiotics, rest, fluids, soft foods, and a tired momma, the girls are feeling much better.

Kaitlyn was able to have a little bit of fun at the campus cookout while her sister was still in isolation, as we had to have 24 hours of antibiotics before we could be around other children. It was so much fun to play games, laugh, and have fellowship with the other people here.

Thank you for your continued support, as without it this would not be possible!



  1. Hi Lindsey and family!! I'm so proud of you for giving your time and love to spread the word and work of our Lord. This adventure will be something that you will treasure for the rest of your lives. It can only lead to better things. We miss you, Lindsey, at work. I will be leaving soon. July 7 is my last day. Then off to the next chapter in my life. I feel the Lord will guide my husband and myself to do good things, and honor Him in some way everyday. God Bless you and all the wonderful people doing the work of the Lord. Glad that your girls are on the mend. In Christ's Love, Nan


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