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We successfully survived our first two weeks here at the campus. I wish I could say they were without any trials and all was smooth sailing, but that would not be the truth. However, the truth is the hiccups have been a teaching points for us, and we have had much more fun and many more highs than lows. There have been many learning opportunities for me as a mom, as the girls and I were on "vacation" the first week, while Brad was completing Basic training. I had to navigate this huge campus with the girls which is a job in itself, and let's face it, Brad is much better at directions and remembering where things are than I am. All of that was while we were missing a duffle bag, which was delayed via the airport (it never left Indiana). It was Jocelyn's bag, and it contained many of her much wanted and NEEDED items, such as her bathing suit. So, the lucky girl would get a new one.

Beginning of the Beginning The last few days have been a complete whirl wind. I feel like this phrase has become my new mantra here lately, as it has been the complete and absolute truth. The days seem to begin to whiz by and as if there already was not enough time in the days, the hours seemed to some how shorten when the departure date was so steadily approaching while so much remained to be completed.
I am learning so much about myself already in this process, and we hadn't even left yet. I have also learned that time management and organization are not my strengths. It was also noted that I have a tendency to form attachments to "stuff", as I have come across so many items in the packing process that held some sort of "significant memory" for me, which made narrowing down what I wanted to choose, so difficult.

So we made it down to the day before we were to leave it was my wonderful husbands 40th birthday. So of course I i…
The Unbelievable has Become Believable. This week has been full of big changes and accomplishments for our family as we are so quickly approaching our departure date. It is hard to believe how fast time is going by. The days are all turning into big whirls of emotions and task lists of things that need completing. As I write this we are less than 8 days out and our house literally looks as if a bomb has went off in the center of it.
I feel as if we (I, as my husband has been a rock that has accomplished so much) keep walking in circles when it comes time to get something done.

We did complete two big things this week. The first being the biggest of all, and one thing that I have prayed about for so many years! My amazing husband formally adopted my oldest daughter on May 31, 2017. Our entire household all has the same name, such a huge blessing! This blessing has given us the task of trying to expedite a new passport for her prior to our depar…