Today was a remarkable day, and will definitely go down as a day when our Lord once again showed up and made it clear to both Brad and I that we are on the right path as far as following His call for us to come work aboard the Mercy Ships in Africa. Today our small "home church" of probably 100 members ( and that is probably being very generous, and counting all our college students, because of course we count them as part of our members I mean come on!) put together this incredibly sweet lunch that was a "last stitch" effort to raise support, as well as to allow those with any "burning" questions the opportunity to have them answered (if we even have an answer to the question at hand) as well as to serve as a last opportunity for fellowship with some of the church members with our family, as we leave in 20 days.

     TWENTY DAYS!!!!! And that is on the plane en route to training in Texas, won't be home before we then fly out to Africa on July 19, twenty more days, but hey who is counting right? I digress. This lunch gathering maybe had 15 people of our already small congregation, and man was it powerful! The pastor asked us "what is your most pressing need as of right now?" and my husband answers with " the airfare to The Canary Islands, where we will meet the ship, before sailing to Cameroon, Africa.

     Can I just share with you, our MIGHTY GOD moved in such a way that this small group raised what we needed plus $200! Isn't it just like our God, the great provider to show off? We say we have a need of X amount, and he ALWAYS goes above and beyond. Now of course our financial goals have not been completely met, but this was just one more affirmation that our redeemer will provide, and that all we must do is trust! As we all know that is usually the hardest part, right? It is for me anyway, trusting. That five letter word seems so hard to do, but when we truly let go and give it all to God, the things He will do are NEVER short of amazing!

    If you are saying to yourself " hey I want to support them, but what I could do is a drop in the bucket compared to what they need". I encourage you to not listen to the enemies lies. I will remind you it is all God's money anyways, and we have to make a priority of where we choose to use what he gives us, while we are here on this earth. Thank you for allowing us to be your hands and feet for such a worthy cause.
Here is the link to our donor page where you can go to and directly give tax deductible donations electronically.


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