Here we sit, at 11:11 the night before church, at our good friends/family's house; trying to figure out how to create a blog for this crazy, amazing, absolutely unbelievable adventure our family is nearly 20 days from embarking on. That math is completely accurate, despite asking my husband as he would tell you my math skills are flawed and they don't make sense. I will keep this first post short as I have to force myself to leave to head home so that we can sleep before what will be our last presentation to our "home" church before we set sail for the MercyShips.
       Thank you once again to the ever so gracious and amazing Scott and Terrie Gerger for once again opening your home and pulling out all the stops to help us. These two have spent countless hours praying for us, and helping us, I could spend and equal amount of time just writing about all they have done to support us in our mission. We are so blessed to call you family. Thank you Scott for helping me FINALLY get a blog set up, one more thing to check off our list of things to do!


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August 20, 2018