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A Blog from Kaitlyn
Disclaimer: I am going to do my best not to edit this blog, as I clearly have some of the other ones. I am going to type the exact words. EXACTLY as she says them to me, and let this be hers and hers alone~ Lindsay

Mom, you keep asking me to blog, I already did one. Why do we have to do another one?

"Because people back home want to know what you are doing, and how you are liking the ship so far."

I am doing nothing, I am home sick. I can do NOTHING when I am home sick. I can't even eat the piece of candy my whole class brought me. ( Her whole class is one other student).

"Ladybug, what has been your favorite thing about being here so far?"

Mom! (she sighs, I probably would have better luck if she weren't home sick. But right now she is a captive audience). I had fun that time I got to be a doctor remember. Daddy helped me do surgery on the wood. I also got to dress up like a surgery doctor.…
Jocelyn's Trip to the Hope Center

Yay! We have arrived. Where have we arrived? Well my family has made it to Cameroon, Africa after what my mom would make sound like the longest 12 days of her life ( don't tell her but everyone else says it was the smoothest sail ever, I guess she is not a sailor).

We started in the academy during the sail, that has been awesome. I actually get to participate in games with other students, so that is awesome. I was home-schooled last year, and the schooling my parents used had videos where I would watch a class room of children play a game, but they were rude and always ignored me. Also I enjoy not spending ALL of my time with my mom and dad, that is nice.

Wait until you hear about my first time out in the country of Cameroon! We went to this super amazing place called the HOPE center, which my mom said stands for something but I can't remember what she said it means. My mom said Mercy ships loves those …
What a wonderful experience

Today we had the wonderful privilege of attending church at the Mercy Ship's Hope Center. I wish that we were permitted to take pictures while we are there, but we are not allowed. We did how ever get a couple snapshot on our way to the center.

 I must admit even for me as a nurse it almost literally took my breath away as i watched a Young man "walk" past me on the calves of his legs, using sticks as crutches as his legs were so bents at the knees it almost made an L shape. Even typing these words will never allow anyone reading this to truly be able to understand the depths of the hurting these beautiful people were experiencing unless you stood across from them and happened to catch there timid eyes for a second.

All of us African and Mercy ship guest filed in to sit on a bench under a tent out in the outdoor area of the compound or facility that is being used, and so many people came to w…

A word from Kaitlyn on her time so far

I went on my very first airplane to get to the ISC. I sat by the window but all I could see was the engine. We sat all the way at the back of the plane.

At the ISC we went on many field trips, my favorite was the water park. I liked the water slides. I was big enough to ride them, it was fun. The best part was when we got back my grandma and Kevin were standing in the parking lot. I ran to them and hugged them! It was like a vacation. The class went on a field trip to the zoo, but I didn't get to go because I was sick, so my grandma took me, and I got to pick out 3 magnets for my wall on the ship in my room. I love my magnets. I saw a white tiger and a cheetah, they were beautiful.

Outside of our house I saw a bunny almost every day, I wanted to pet that bunny really bad! I also saw a hummingbird, it made me think of home.

Once we got to the ship my favorite part was meeting up with my friends again.

Sometimes I build a fort in our living room and play just like we were back in In…

A word from Jocelyn on her time so far

At the ISC (International Support Center) in Texas, I learned so much. I traveled so many places.I met people from eight different countries! It has been so fun to hear all of the different accents, and learn all of the different names, and even try to learn a word or two in a different language.

My Grandma Tracy and cousin Keith came all the way to visit. She brought me a doll I wanted more than anything! I was so happy to see her, but then I started to not feel well, so we weren't able to spend much time with her. But we were so happy she came all that way to visit us, we couldn't believe it when she came in our room.

 I went to a wild life museum ( or what we called the dead zoo, and by dead zoo I mean a museum of stuffed dead animals on display). We also went to a real zoo, where I got to feed a real life giraffe, though I was very sad because my sister was very sick with strep throat and could not go on the field trip. I missed her so much, and I had the class make her a …
We are sitting in our small groups. It starts again, that sweating of my palms, the twirling of my belly and the whisper in my spirit that my story is "too tainted". I utter the prayer "get thee behind me Satan" almost audibly, and I begin to give my testimony.

For those of you who don't know me, I have a "dirty" past. I was a troubled teen that made a lot of poor decisions. I struggled with drugs, alcohol, promiscuity, and many other deeper rooted issues that are too tender for me to put out on the Internet, but let's just say I had fallen way down deep into despair. The kind of despair that feels hopeless, lonely, and like there is no return.

I struggled in this darkness for a long time trying to self-medicate and fill an emptiness that was never ending. If I could be even more real, I had already had my oldest daughter at this point and I was still so empty, I couldn't pour into her, because I didn't have it to give. I didn't know …

We successfully survived our first two weeks here at the campus. I wish I could say they were without any trials and all was smooth sailing, but that would not be the truth. However, the truth is the hiccups have been a teaching points for us, and we have had much more fun and many more highs than lows. There have been many learning opportunities for me as a mom, as the girls and I were on "vacation" the first week, while Brad was completing Basic training. I had to navigate this huge campus with the girls which is a job in itself, and let's face it, Brad is much better at directions and remembering where things are than I am. All of that was while we were missing a duffle bag, which was delayed via the airport (it never left Indiana). It was Jocelyn's bag, and it contained many of her much wanted and NEEDED items, such as her bathing suit. So, the lucky girl would get a new one.

Beginning of the Beginning The last few days have been a complete whirl wind. I feel like this phrase has become my new mantra here lately, as it has been the complete and absolute truth. The days seem to begin to whiz by and as if there already was not enough time in the days, the hours seemed to some how shorten when the departure date was so steadily approaching while so much remained to be completed.
I am learning so much about myself already in this process, and we hadn't even left yet. I have also learned that time management and organization are not my strengths. It was also noted that I have a tendency to form attachments to "stuff", as I have come across so many items in the packing process that held some sort of "significant memory" for me, which made narrowing down what I wanted to choose, so difficult.

So we made it down to the day before we were to leave it was my wonderful husbands 40th birthday. So of course I i…
The Unbelievable has Become Believable. This week has been full of big changes and accomplishments for our family as we are so quickly approaching our departure date. It is hard to believe how fast time is going by. The days are all turning into big whirls of emotions and task lists of things that need completing. As I write this we are less than 8 days out and our house literally looks as if a bomb has went off in the center of it.
I feel as if we (I, as my husband has been a rock that has accomplished so much) keep walking in circles when it comes time to get something done.

We did complete two big things this week. The first being the biggest of all, and one thing that I have prayed about for so many years! My amazing husband formally adopted my oldest daughter on May 31, 2017. Our entire household all has the same name, such a huge blessing! This blessing has given us the task of trying to expedite a new passport for her prior to our depar…
Today was a remarkable day, and will definitely go down as a day when our Lord once again showed up and made it clear to both Brad and I that we are on the right path as far as following His call for us to come work aboard the Mercy Ships in Africa. Today our small "home church" of probably 100 members ( and that is probably being very generous, and counting all our college students, because of course we count them as part of our members I mean come on!) put together this incredibly sweet lunch that was a "last stitch" effort to raise support, as well as to allow those with any "burning" questions the opportunity to have them answered (if we even have an answer to the question at hand) as well as to serve as a last opportunity for fellowship with some of the church members with our family, as we leave in 20 days.

     TWENTY DAYS!!!!! And that is on the plane en route to training in Texas, won't be home before we then fly out to Africa on July 19…
Here we sit, at 11:11 the night before church, at our good friends/family's house; trying to figure out how to create a blog for this crazy, amazing, absolutely unbelievable adventure our family is nearly 20 days from embarking on. That math is completely accurate, despite asking my husband as he would tell you my math skills are flawed and they don't make sense. I will keep this first post short as I have to force myself to leave to head home so that we can sleep before what will be our last presentation to our "home" church before we set sail for the MercyShips.
       Thank you once again to the ever so gracious and amazing Scott and Terrie Gerger for once again opening your home and pulling out all the stops to help us. These two have spent countless hours praying for us, and helping us, I could spend and equal amount of time just writing about all they have done to support us in our mission. We are so blessed to call you family. Thank you Scott for helpin…