I have discovered several things about myself in the last few weeks, in the midst of transition.
I keep throwing this word around and realized never in my life had it really even been a word in my vocabulary. I have been struggling with many emotions, and it has been hard for me to explain my feelings or thoughts. In fact I was asked "what is it specifically that is worrying you at this moment in time"? I had no answer, partly because I was in the midst of a full on ugly cry. I mean like the cry that makes people squirm with discomfort.  A little back story.
I came to a mom's retreat at a local hotel, attended by many of the moms/mums on board the ship. I had really struggled with the decision to attend. In fact I only packed the bag 15 minutes before we were due to leave. I get to the vehicle and it is full, not packed but full. I immediately was like " I am just going to go get a taxi" which if we can be honest was code for "I am not coming"! After …
Time Flies

It is hard to believe that it has nearly been 6 months since our last blog post. The days go by so quickly here on the ship. It feels like a lifetime has occurred in those few months.

I started sewing and even made a small business on the ship, selling items in our little shop on board. Sew fun! I am hoping to take some quilting courses on day.

Kaitlyn celebrated turning 9 with all of the ship kids on board! She had so much fun playing with them and watching Incredibles 2.

Brad has had a hectic couple of months in his department, having people leave early or cancel. At some points he was as many as 4 people short, which is half of his department.

We had an incredible Christmas season on the ship. It is one of my favorite things about this community living, it is almost magical. We enjoy all of the different activities and the celebrations that occur. My favorite being the carols by candle light on …

School, and open house fun


August 20, 2018

One day a few weeks ago, I was walking through the café with my arms full of items, Brad said "Lindsay we need to go talk to the Ship Security Officer (also known as the SSO) and I know the look on my face had to be complete and utter confusion. He then said "I received an email about the screening and positions they need, let's just go talk to him". I really wanted to be a part of the screening event coming up and he was willing to help me in any way possible.

Let me give a little bit of a back story as this is a new blog for a new field service. I worked, and will continue to work in the post-operative recovery room as a nurse part time (that is a complicated issue for a whole other blog of its own). I had heard that there was a need on the screening team for this field service and I immediately emailed the screening team leader to ask if they would be willing to allow me to help, in the complicated part time hours but was quickly told no. I must admit I had been …
6 days. She utters sweetly under her breath, and then it immediately follows with "my tummy hurts" as that has been her most common phrase since she received news of the official date.

Kaitlyn has been in 2nd grade with one other student for the majority of the school year. Ben is his name and he is from Brazil, South America. He has such a spunky, funny, creative, and sensitive personality and the Morgan family quickly grew to love him.

Kaitlyn and Ben are peas in a pod! She has said multiple times " I love him". It is the "he is my best friend" kind of love, but still sweet. Friendships and relationships are different on the ship, as you live together and play together around the clock. What has only been 10 months, feels like years because they are ALWAYS together.

Easter on the ship was such a unique and special time. I mean to go through HOLY WEEK anywhere is special and always impacts me. I am always a crying, blubbering mess at Easter time. I always look to the cross and think to myself "how could I be so loved that He, Jesus, would choose that horrible betrayal and death to allow me to be rectified and reunified with God?" The enemy always wants to attack at that time and try to whisper how unworthy I am, and remind me of all the dirty scars I would carry. NOT THIS TIME!

I am so grateful that the bible tells us as far "as the East is from the West, so far has he removed our transgressions from us"- Psalm 103:12. Isn't that a beautiful image, they can NEVER reach you again. I love the thought of that. It is important to not take this for granted and call ourselves Christians, but live like sinners.

We went to a service in which we were able to nail our sins to the cross and of course I felt like my list should be a m…
When God answers prayers, it is such a wonderful feeling. Sometimes it is the simplest of prayers too. I had been feeling really homesick, I mean counting down the days until we return in July homesick. I hadn't been leaving my cabin much between work and community meetings. I think I was starting to allow myself to become stuck.

I had a day where I prayed "God, this isn't why I am here. I didn't come here to hide within these walls. Help me get out of myself and into YOU and YOUR mission here!" Well I wish I could tell you right away I felt renewed and refreshed and like I was right back to my old-self, but that wouldn't be the truth.

The PACU coordinator had asked me if I could work all day to allow for the new nurses coming in to be trained and have a nurse that works in the PACU that works there regularly, and of course I said yes. The new group came in and instantly we hit it off. There were three sweet ladies, two were from the U.S. and one from Canad…